Go Green with NComputing

Desktop Virtualization and Eco-Friendly Computing

We can't live without PCs, so let’s learn how to live with them in a way that makes them friendlier to the environment. Currently, PC’s consume far too much electricity and generate too much e-waste to to be considered an Eco-friendly solution by today’s standards. With a typical PC taking approximately 110 watts to run, and with well over 1 billion of them on the planet, it’s easy to understand what the Silicon Valley Toxics Commission is saying about e-waste is being the fastest growing part of the waste stream.

The Global Impact of Billions of PCs

How many computers are actually in use? According to a report by Forrester Research, by the end of 2008, there were over one billion PCs in use worldwide.

As PC adoption grows globally, it is estimated that there will be more than two billion PCs in use by 2015. It took 27 years to reach one billion but will only take 7 more years to double that number. With this trend, something needs to change.

If NComputing systems were used at a ratio of 6 NComputing devices to each PC:

  • Energy use would decline by over 143 billion kilowatt hours per year
  • CO2 emissions would decrease by 114 million metric tons. That’s like planting 550 million trees!
  • E-waste would be reduced by 7.9 million metric tons

Green Computing is the Future

The benefits of green computing are clear. As the number of PCs approaches 2 Billion by 2015, the potential savings related to energy use , CO2 emissions and e-waste are undeniable.

The Solution is Simple and Efficient

Today's PCs are so powerful that we no longer need one PC per person. We can tap into the excess power in one PC and share it with many users. NComputing thin client devices use just 1 to 5 watts, last for a decade, and generate just a few ounces of e-waste. Not only is this a simple solution to a complex problem, the efficiencies achieved using this technology are amazing. NComputing solutions save 75% on hardware, and since they draw less than 5 watts of power, you can reduce your energy footprint by as much as 90% per user. NComputing thin client devices produce practically no heat, reducing the need for energy-consuming air conditioning. Electricity savings alone can pay for the NComputing virtual desktops in as little as one year.

NComputing Go Green Award

The NComputing Go Green Innovation Award recognizes companies who have demonstrated leadership by utilizing information technology solutions that support sustainable initiatives. One winner is announced each quarter and will receive an NComputing desktop virtualization client device of their choice, the opportunity for joint marketing communications, as well as the opportunity to create a case study documenting their success. Nominate an organization or project for the Go Green Innovation Award today!

Leading the Way

Green Awards

InfoWorld's Green 15 Award

Companies around the world have embraced green technology to drive projects and develop products aimed at boosting energy efficiency, trimming waste, and reducing or eliminating the use or the production of harmful substances. The InfoWorld Green 15 awards recognize the 15 most innovative IT initiatives that fall under this umbrella of sustainability. The government of Andhra Pradesh, India won for its deployment of 40,000 NComputing devices to serve 1.8 million students in 5,000 schools across the state.

Frost & Sullivan Green Computing Excellence Award

Frost & Sullivan, a leading market research firm, has awarded us the 2008 North American Frost & Sullivan Green Excellence of the Year Award in the thin client computing systems domain. Our products were noted for efficient, eco-friendly computing for a fraction of the cost of traditional PCs." In addition, Frost said, "NComputing has taken a remarkably simple and effective approach to reducing the global impact of computers on the environment."

Finalist: Silicon Valley Business Journal's green and clean category

The Silicon Valley Business Journal named NComputing as a finalist in this category in November of 2007. At a time when computers are responsible for nearly three-quarters of America's toxic waste NComputing's solution is a welcome savior of e-waste, carbon emissions, and money.