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NComputing: An Innovator And Leader In Accelerating Desktop Virtualization

It’s now been 18 months since I joined NComputing. For many people I met in my early days, NComputing was seen as a company that provided low-cost thin clients to education and SMB with a highly visible presence in emerging countries. In the past year and a half, I have had the good fortune to meet some very inspiring people from educational institutions around the world including Africa, India, Turkey and the US. Educators and IT leaders are doing amazing things with NComputing technology to create innovative learning environments. I got a wonderful opportunity to share some of these stories at my TEDx Bend talk in April this year. Improving education and connecting people to new ways of learning is vital to our future, and NComputing is committed to supporting these innovators and enabling them to realize their big dreams with small budgets!

In fact, this theme extends far beyond the education vertical for us.

NComputing’s Purpose:
Accelerate the Adoption of Desktop Virtualization.

Over the last 12 months, the NComputing team has also been working on a massive initiative to transform the company from a thin-client company to one that is an innovator and leader in accelerating the adoption of desktop virtualization. Desktop virtualization technologies have matured significantly since they were introduced into the market in 2006 (also the year NComputing was founded).  While the adoption of these technologies is growing, the two biggest barriers to faster adoption are: COMPLEXITY and COST. These two barriers create friction in deployments in large enterprise companies as well as in mid-markets  – though there are significant differences in the solution requirements for these customer segments. I believe that NComputing brings a very unique capability to the industry – a unique formula for desktop virtualization success. It’s our ability to combine simplicity, performance and unmatched value in our technology offerings and solutions.

Earlier this year, we introduced our N-series SoC-enabled thin client devices for Citrix HDX. These new products were designed and developed in partnership with Citrix, and are fully integrated from silicon to hardware to management software compared to any other thin client in the market. NComputing was first to bring an HDX Ready SoC-enabled thin client to the market with a very simple goal: accelerating the adoption of desktop virtualization by disrupting the economics of enterprise VDI and making the cost of virtual desktops similar to a PC by reducing the investments needed for a high performance HDX endpoint.  The N Series was designed to be very simple to setup, install and manage, and delivers 100% HDX performance and provides unmatched value at 1/3 the cost of a traditional thin client or PC. The feedback from Citrix customers and partners worldwide has been incredibly positive.

For the last 6 years, our X series and L series thin clients combined with our vSpace virtualization software have been delivering virtual desktops and applications to users worldwide. There are more than 50,000 customers with an incredible total of 4 million seats deployed and more than 20 million daily users that take advantage of the benefits of NComputing desktop virtualization in 140 countries. vSpace represents our unique combination of simplicity, performance and unmatched value. A vSpace deployment leverages virtual user session technologies and costs far less than typical enterprise VDI. You can learn more about how Selecting the Right Virtualization Approach Can Change the Economics of Desktop Virtualization in this IDC white paper.

What’s New:
vSpace – A Fully Integrated Platform for End-to-End Desktop Virtualization.

We are now extending the capabilities of vSpace virtualization software to support mobility, manageability and scale. These new offerings for vSpace Server for Windows, vSpace Management Center and new support services make vSpace a leading virtualization platform for mid-market enterprise, SMB and key verticals including education, healthcare and state and local government.

The vSpace virtualization platform is ideal for organizations that want to take advantage of the benefits of desktop virtualization, without the high costs, complexity or IT staffing requirements typically associated with deploying and maintaining these solutions. The new offerings for vSpace include:

  • NEW vSpace Server version 7 for Windows: NComputing’s patented desktop virtualization software provides multi-user access to desktop computing by dividing a computer’s resources into independent virtual workspaces. This provides up to 100 users simultaneous access to a single Windows or Linux operating system instance. The vSpace Server software centralizes the management and delivery of operating systems and applications to mobile delives such  as tablets, laptops, smartphones and NComputing client devices for an optimized end-to-end desktop virtualization solution.
  • NEW vSpace Management Center: For organizations deploying NComputing desktop access devices, vSpace Management Center provides a highly scalable, flexible and easy to use single point of enterprise-class management. A web-based console lets IT administrators manage all client devices from anywhere, anytime, reducing the overhead needed to maintain and control an environment, regardless of the size or number of deployment sites.
  • NEW vSpace Premium Support and Services: Provides vSpace customers access to regular software updates and upgrades, online web resources and direct access to dedicated vSpace support engineers.

I am not the only one excited about the new capabilities of vSpace as an end-to-end, fully integrated virtualization platform. We have seen many of our customers take advantage of our vSpace offering to expand their current deployments beyond their thin clients to include old PCs, laptops and netbooks running Windows, and they are looking forward to using vSpace to deliver Windows and web-based apps to their Android tablets and iPads soon.  I was also pleased to receive validation on vSpace as a platform by IDC, a leading market research firm, in their latest IDC Client Virtualization MarketScape, where NComputing was ranked as a "major player" in client virtualization.

I want to thank all of our customers, partners and all of the NComputing employees worldwide for the many achievements in 2012 and I really look forward to sharing soon what exciting things we have in store for you in 2013. Wishing you happy holidays and a happy new year.