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What is LEAF/OS?

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Mon, 11/19/2018 - 13:50 -- Phil Mason

VERDE Live Environment Access Format (LEAF/OS) is a set of Endpoint technologies used to transform the VDI experience.  For many companies assessing VDI, other solutions fall short on client support. With client desktops hosted on a server, traditional VDI solutions have failed to provide for legacy client hardware and / or repurposed clients with PXE capabilities for network boot. While using legacy hardware and when no software distribution is possible to client devices LEAF/OS provides a solution.  

LEAF can be run in two distinct modes, LEAF Legacy Edition and LEAF Zero Endpoint Edition.

LEAF Legacy Endpoint

VERDE Legacy Endpoint is installed locally on a client machine that supports connecting to a VDI session. It is used to repurpose legacy client hardware as a VDI access device for end users.


  • Full Linux-based OS installation that eliminates aging and vulnerable legacy Windows versions
  • 32-bit hardware with 1GB of RAM recommended
  •  Full-time network connection required

LEAF Zero Endpoint

VERDELEAF Zero Endpointis a No Install option for PXE capable hardware.  The client devices are simply configured to boot to the network and VERDE Zero Endpoint is booted from the server to enable users to access their VDI sessions.


  • Flexible, 32-bit no-install solution for ultra-low-touch VDI deployments
  • PXE capable hardware required
  • Full-time network connection required
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