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As an IT manager, you want the benefits of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and you want the productivity boost and competitive advantage that comes from having personal mobile devices in your workplace. You want to be seen as a trusted business partner, working at aligning IT with the company’s internal and external directions. For that matter, if some of your co-workers want to provide their own hardware, its great to be able to save the ear-marked costs within your equipment allocation budget and use the savings for other initiatives.

In my last post of 2012, I described the external pressure that many of you would be feeling when your users starting walking in the door with all the new Windows 8 goodies that Santa brought them for Christmas. Your users got hyped on the sugar high from getting those cool new devices they were dreaming of – and you got the potential of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support nightmares – so I gave you ideas about the role that desktop virtualization could play in turning the situation into a win-win for you and your users..

It’s no surprise that Windows 8 came out just in time for the holiday season and the end-of-year wave of computer purchases. Sure, the economy can use a boost, and these new devices are extremely cool, but don’t forget that there’s a consumer-side and a corporate-side to every release of Windows. For a long time, those sides co-existed separately, but they’ve become more intertwined lately, as all of us in IT have noticed.

Desktop virtualization has the potential to give users and IT the win-win that they both want. Users get the freedom of working from anywhere with their preferred devices, and IT gets the standardization of a single version of their preferred operating system, desktop and applications, in addition to centralized, simplified management.


We are very pleased to have NComputing named a “Major Player” in IDC’s 2012 MarketScape report covering the client virtualization market. According to IDC, one of the reasons NComputing was ranked as a major player was largely due to our ability to provide a powerful yet simplified end-to-end desktop virtualization solution at a low cost.  This combination has bred success for us in the midmarket and small enterprise, especially with customers in education, government, manufacturing, healthcare and also in emerging regions.