Technical Training

With NComputing’s Training Programs you will learn how to easily deploy and manage NComputing solutions in a wide range of environments: from a single classroom to a large enterprise.

Training is available through a combination of instructor-led training courses, eLearning courses, quarterly technical webinars and quarterly tech "What's New" emails.

Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
is offered on 2 consecutive days and takes place in fully-equipped training rooms at each of our locations.

N-series participants should register for this course:

L300 and/or M300 participants should register for either of these two courses:

  • vSpace Server 1 day course.
  • With the release of vSpace 7, this will also incorporate vSpace Management Center integration.

Our training approach provides:

  • Classes taught by experienced NComputing engineers
  • A "Not for Resale” course-specific device to take with you
  • Trial course-specific software licenses
  • Technical certification after successfully passing an online test (eCertification)
  • Training materials (electronic copy)
  • Hands-on usage scenarios and troubleshooting
  • Opportunity to meet and network with other NComputing partners and customers

Course topics

N-series (1 Day)


N-series for Citrix HDX

vSpace (1 Day)

L-series, M-series and vSpace Server

L-series, M-series and vSpace Server

  • N-400, N-500, N-500w
  • Citrix Receiver / XenDesktop
  • N-series device configuration
  • Connecting to Citrix environments
  • Troubleshooting

vSpace Management Center

  • Installation / Registration
  • Dashboard
  • Device management
  • Group management
  • Configuration
  • Common usage scenarios
  • Troubleshooting
  • Host hardware requirements
  • Host pre-configuration
  • Product registration
  • Client access license
  • Device setup
  • Multimedia acceleration
  • Microsoft licensing requirements
  • Troubleshooting
  • vSpace Client software for Windows

vSpace Management Center

  • Installation / Registration
  • Dashboard
  • Device management
  • Group management
  • Configuration
  • Common usage scenarios
  • Troubleshooting

2014 Class Schedule

Contact your local NComputing representative if you are interested in attending an instructor-led class.

All classes will be held in English unless otherwise specified.

* denotes private training class

Course Delivery method Description SKU MSRP - cost/student
N-series for Citrix HDX
N-series and vSpace Management Center Instructor-led 1-day course for N-series users TRG-ILT-N-VMC $250
vSpace Server Instructor-led 1-day course for L and M-series (includes vSpace Management Center on release of vSpace 7) TRG-ILT-LM $250

eLearning Courses

eLearning Courses

These eLearning courses require a Training Voucher, which can be purchased from your NComputing Reseller.

Click below for relevant course:

Click here for eLearning FAQ's

Technical webinars

Throughout the year, NComputing will deliver a free quarterly "What's New" technical webinar.

Quarterly Technical Webinar and Technical "What's new" email available for registration and subscription with up-to-date product information:

  • Software updates (bug fixes)
  • Software releases (minor/major upgrades)
  • Firmware releases
  • Product roadmap
  • Top technical support issues
  • End-user frequently asked questions
  • Troubleshooting tips & tricks
  • New/updated knowledge base articles

Archived Tech Talk Webinars

* GoToWebinar recordings require registration.

Archived Tech Update Emails