NComputing now offering instructor-led training courses


NComputing is now offering live, instructor-led training classes available to our partners and customers.  With NComputing training programs, you will learn how to easily deploy and manage NComputing solutions within a wide range of environments, whether it’s one small classroom or a large enterprise.  Our training approach provides:

Onsite classes taught by experienced NComputing engineers

  • “Not for resale” device for your use to take with you
  • Hands-on usage scenarios and troubleshooting
  • An opportunity to meet and network with other NComputing partners and customers 

At each training location, NComputing will offer three courses over three days:

  • N-series participants to attend Day 1 and Day 2
  • L- and M-series participants would attend just Day 3 for smaller deployments of less than 150 devices
  • L300 and/or M300 participants with larger deployments to attend Day 2 and Day 3 training (greater than 150 to 10,000 devices across multiple vSpace Servers).

For a global list of available classes, visit the NComputing training site at

Quarterly technical “What’s New” webinars

NComputing will now offer quarterly online technical webinars.  These webinars are intended for a more technical audience who are currently supporting NComputing deployments.  These webinars will provide access to current technical updates from members of the NComputing technical team, from engineers to technical support personnel.  Topics will vary month to month, and all webinars will be archived and available for viewing. 

Quarterly Technical Webinar

  • Tuesday, February 12, 2013
  • 0800 Pacific Time

Registration is FREE, but the live webinars will fill up quickly, so plan to register early.  Register online.


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