Announcing New Support Offerings for NComputing

NComputing has rolled out a new Support and Subscription (SnS) program offering three levels of support – Basic, Standard and vSpace Premium SnS – for vSpace Server and vSpace Management Center.

At every level, vSpace customers enjoy full access to web self-service, software updates and our Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

  • vSpace Basic Support:  Included for one year with the purchase of all NComputing products.  TAC access limited to 10 incidents per year.
  • vSpace Standard SnS:  Provides access to software upgrades and unlimited email or phone support during local business hours.
  • vSpace Premium SnS:  Designed for customers with complex environments requiring regular software upgrades, enhanced response times (as little as 30 minutes for Severity 1 incidents),  and 24x7 support access

vSpace Standard and Premium SnS are optional programs priced per concurrent user (CCU) connection to vSpace Server or vSpace Management Center, with subscription terms of one to five years.

The business advantages of the SnS Program include upgrade benefits for major and minor releases, discounts on multi-year plans that lock in pricing, and the operational efficiency of having fixed costs with no ongoing purchase negotiations needed to access the ongoing value of NComputing’s enhancements, innovations and customer response capability. For more information, go to

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#1 NComputing provides great

NComputing provides great value and backs its products with a full year of support included with every purchase, which includes 10 support incidents by a email, web or phone. NComputing also provides very high on-going value by investing in enhancements and innovations for all the elements of its vSpace platform, the vSpace virtualization software, the vSpace management center and its endpoint access technologies. The Support and Subscription (SnS) products are the conduit through which customers can access this additional value over time.

#2 We have purchased Imprivata

We have purchased Imprivata but have invested heavily in a VMware VDI infrastructure. When will NComputing provide a SoC solution for PCoIP and VMware's solution, or will the current N-series devices work with View? I understand they work with Imprivata, but only for Citrix environments.

Also, are you working to include Microsoft's Hyper-V Server 2012 w/ RemoteFX as well? I would very much like to see this so we can consider NComputing for our zero client solution. Thank you.